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SPECMAT and its Leadership

Dr. Maria Faur is the founder, owner, and president of Special Materials Research and Technology (SPECMAT), Inc.

SPECMAT was incorporated November of 1996 in the state of Ohio as a "for profit" S Corporation. It was formed under a Reimbursable Space Act Agreement with NASA GRC for the purpose of developing new wet chemical processing techniques for the emerging advanced microelectronics and photonics (optoelectronics) market.

Timeline of Important Events

1996 - SPECMAT, Inc. starts the RTWCG SiOX process development.

1997 to 1999 - DARPA-NASA award to SPECMAT, Inc. for RTWCG SiOX, Proof of Concept Demonstration:

  • Task I: WCG SiOC Thin Film Insulators for Si Solar Cell Applications;

  • Task II: Low Dielectric Constant WCG SiOF Insulators for VLSI Microelectronics;

  • Task III: High Dielectric Constant WCG SiOM Insulators for DRAM Applications;

  • Task IV: WCG SiO-Based Dielectrics on Si and III-V Compound Semiconductors for Space Solar Cell Applications;

  • Task V: RTWCG of SiOX Dielectric Layers for LTPS TFT-FPD Applications;

  • Task VI: Feasibility Study of RTWCG of Si-O-C-N Gate Dielectric for Next Generation CMOS Technology.

1999 - BMDO Phase I SBIR award to SPECMAT, Inc., RTWCG SiOX for Microelectronics Applications.

2000 - BMDO Phase II SBIR "Room Temperature Wet Chemical Growth of Low Dielectric Constant SiO-based Thin Films for ULSI Microelectronics" award to SPECMAT, Inc., started in October.

2000 to 2002 - BMDO Phase II SBIR completed.

2008 to 2015 - Exclusive license agreement with Equity Solar and Equity Microtech.

2016 - The Equity Solar and Equity Microtech exclusive license agreements concluded.

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